(Pandemic) Summer’s Over Interlude

This post is a reflection on my pandemic experience, accompanied by a few songs that got me through it. August has always been about endings. September, about beginnings. Just as Taylor Swift sings in August, the month washed over us. Each month during COVID-19 has seemed to float by. Never carrying on for too long, … Continue reading (Pandemic) Summer’s Over Interlude

A Little Bit Faster

Days move a little bit faster now. But I think when you get a little bit older, and when you fall in love, the world starts spinning for a reason and it builds up momentum and everything moves a bit quicker. Nights move a little bit slower now. When it's dark and there's music playing … Continue reading A Little Bit Faster

Northern Dispatches: This Story is in Progress (a list essay)

Northern Dispatches is a series of reflections from my time participating in Stories North, a program designed to teach journalism students about Indigenous history, culture, governance and the dynamics of reconciliation within the context of Canada’s North. This list essay is a product of an ongoing Creative Non-Fiction Bootcamp, taught by award-winning author and Fulbright … Continue reading Northern Dispatches: This Story is in Progress (a list essay)